27th LD Dem. E-Board 01/08/2019

Action Items

  • The PDC Filing will be done by Katie Wilkinson (Due 1/10)
  • Phil does things by consensus / KISS
  • Methodist Rental Space – Chris Karnes will coordinate:
  • Contact facilities management and find out requirements
  • Safety/Security restraining orders / R. Hill
  • Appoint Diane Sandrowsky as Sergeant-at-Arms?
  • This Thursday – LD Reports to Pierce County Democrats – Melissa Hollan
  • We need to work up a draft budget – Steve Ketelsen
  • Send out Meeting Call and Agenda for January meeting – Celeste Suliin Burris
  • Set up speaker for January Meeting – Phil Bradford

Draft Agenda

  • Flag Salute
  • Introductions of Officers
  • Approval of Minutes
  • State Committee Report – Melissa/Nathe
  • Pierce County Democrats Report – Kathy O?
  • Ice Breaker at Jan Meeting
  • Concrete Statement of who we are is the platform.
  • Focused on articulating our joint values
  • Working Groups/Caucuses on topics
  • First Meeting – Tacoma Tenants Organizing Meeting Speaker
  • Good of the order
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